40-year experience

Bottega Gastronomica is a catering business based in Reggio Emilia that provides all its products, services and expertise everywhere in Reggio Emilia.

We are specialists in catering for wedding receptions, parties and business events.

Traditional Cuisine

Our creed is founded on the respect for traditions, on our culinary culture and on the quality of our own land raw materials. We are constantly looking for the best ones, as well as typical local dishes and the preservation of our gastronomic legacy. From the traditional Erbazzone Reggiano to start with, to classic first courses such as Tortelli with Greens, Pumpkin Tortelli or "di Zucca", Cappelletti in broth and lasagna, to end with the high-quality second courses such as la "Bianca" Romagnola (a breed of cattle), roast meats and pork meats.

Innovative Cuisine

Asian food, raw fish, finger food or whatever else may satisfy your palate. Creative and unconventional food is now part of the new catering trends. Culinary art merges with visual art, through dishes that look like masterpieces and creativity in every single detail, table-setting included. Innovative catering is the answer for those who would like a different reception without giving up taste and a little bit of poetry.

We guide you through your choice

La Bottega gastronomica accompanies its customers throughout the organization of the entire event. We take care of the menu, look for the most suitable venue, create personalized table-settings for each event, look for competent suppliers and propose customized food and wine journeys, until the big day comes and our best teams of professionals will be ready and steady for you. La Bottega Gastronomica listens and advices you in the best possible way, to be able to make every aspect of your event unique.


La Bottega Gastronomica staff is highly qualified both for its helpfullness and competence. Every brigade comes with several chefs, a head waiter to coordinate waiters and set the timing, further professional serving staff and a chief manager who supervises the entire event from the beginning to the end.

We Cook on the spot

La Bottega Gastronomica offers to its customers made-to-order dishes to maintain a high quality of raw materials and to offer to guests a cooking show in different moments of the event. Only by doing this the dish will be able to maintain both its high nutritional and visual quality. Each course is individually prepared by our chef's own hands who customize their aspect and research.


Thanks to the advice of its own sommeliers, La Bottega Gastronomica gives its customers the freedom to choose from a wide range of wines. Besides wine, it is possible to select any type of sodas, drinks and cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Finally, we can propose a few extra services for a surcharge, such as: Barman on the spot, cigars and chocolate, rum service, beer service.


We offer our customers a vast choice of table settings, in order to create an environment capable to perfectly satisfy each different personality. From the most classic and elegant tables to the more modern and up to date ones, we put at our customers' disposal a small showroom to let them see first-hand the table-setting available. Quality and design join to create your own dream setting.

Cooking Performances

During the event each chef will be at disposal to create every dish of your choice. Our strongest assets are the cooking stations in plain sight with their cooks preparing food on the spot, both during pre-dinner drinks and when the meats are brought to the table, shown in their last moment of cooking on the flame, cut in front of the guests, and served. A show with a strong and spectacular impact, meaningful because of the freshness and authenticity of all products and raw materials used in the process, which will cheerfully captivate all the audience, delighting them with a real unique experience.

Intolerances & allergies

A chef dedicated to manage allergies and intolerances is at disposals of the guests during each event. La Bottega Gastronomica, thanks to its attention to details, can cope with different menus, proposing every time an alternative choice very similar to the main menu. A good care for menu choices is important to make every guest feel unique and not discriminated. In compliance with current legislation, La Bottega Gastronomica also cooperates with local dedicated laboratories for the most important allergies, to ensure every guest feel safe in any situation.

Pre-dinner drinks & Buffet

One of the Bottega Gastronomica distinctive traits is the organization and structure of the buffet cooking stations for the pre-dinner drinks.
A majestic arrangement allows the staff to cook on the spot at the same time while interacting with the guests. Furthermore, this also keeps the buffet organized and prevents the creation of lines of people. The buffet positioning is thought with the structure and the spaces of each venue in mind, in order to foster a better service usability.

Wedding Venues

Choosing the venue is the first step, and to find the right one it is important to put yourself in the hands of professionals. 

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Acetaia Leonardi

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